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The Taiwan diode industry is in the off-season, and the car market will become the future hope.

Taiwan Diode Factory's revenue in October came out one after another, showing mixed growth and decline. Vehicle Diode Factory's peer-to-peer shipment warmed up. Its revenue in October was NT$323 million, with a monthly growth rate of 11%. Taiwan's revenue in October was NT$852 million, with a monthly increase of 4.6%. Dunnan, Hongyang-KY and Qiangmao fell by 6%, 15% and 25%, respectively.

Under the Sino US trade war, NOR Flash continues to oversupply, next year or further decline.

According to CINNO Research's survey of NOR Flash manufacturers and upstream and downstream suppliers, NOR Flash industry continues to face the situation of oversupply, which is also due to the impact of demand contraction caused by the Sino-US trade war.