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Whether Foxconn Kaohsiung Software Park can take off salary again will be the key

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At the end of Taiwan's nine-in-one election, it was reported that newly elected quasi-mayor Koreayo and Foxconn Chairman Guo Taiming had telephoned to invite investment in Kaohsiung, making Foxconn's research and development base in Kaohsiung Software Park (Gao Soft) a focus of attention. In fact, from 2008, Foxconn planned to be established. R&D centers and cloud centers, but until now, Foxconn's scale of development in GaoSoft has lagged behind expectations. The key is the salary problem.

In Taiwan's employment market, there is a saying that Kaohsiung's salary is a 70% discount from Taipei. In other words, whether northern people want to leave work in the South or Kaohsiung's children want to return home for employment, the first problem they encounter is that their salaries cannot be compared with those in the north.

Although Foxconn has repeatedly stressed that there will be no North-South difference in the group's salary level with talented people, it will be awarded preferential salary and the average salary will exceed the industry's upper level. However, this is not the case. The industry pointed out that Kaohsiung's salary is still not comparable to Taipei and Hsinchu, and Kaohsiung's distance from headquarters makes it difficult for executives to see how much it will affect promotion opportunities.

Guo Taiming said before that Gao Soft Park is Foxconn Group's largest digital confluence center, processing base station and data center in southern Taiwan. The environment here is not lost to Hong Kong and Shanghai, and the international cable is going out from Kaohsiung to process, create and exchange data. It is a good data exchange. Center.

After President Ma Ying-jeou was elected in 2008, Guo Taiming announced that he would strengthen investment in southern Taiwan. The biggest investment was to set up a software cloud center in Kaohsiung. According to Hon Hai's plan at that time, the cloud center would mainly set up a computer room, and other companies would be welcome to use it. It would provide 3000 jobs after its official operation. 。 However, it is understood that Foxconn currently has fewer than 500 people in Gaosoft.

Although Foxconn has held or participated in talent recruitment activities in Kaohsiung repeatedly, the number of employees in Gao Soft has been unable to meet the demand. People in the industry say that if the salary structure can not be readjusted, it will be difficult to reverse the dilemma.


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