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Qualcomm investment in Taiwan 5G in the next five years, the output value will exceed six hundred billion yuan.

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Taiwan regional fair recently reached a settlement with the US Qualcomm to replace heavy penalties against Taiwan investment. The Ministry of science and technology yesterday pointed out that Qualcomm has agreed to incorporate research into production and learning cooperation.“3D sensing technology”Gong Mingxin, deputy head of Taiwan's Ministry of Economy, said that Qualcomm's investment in Taiwan could increase the output value of NT$600 billion (the same below), which would enable Taiwan to seize 5G business opportunities six months ahead of schedule.

After the Taiwan Regional Fair Association reached a lawsuit settlement with Qualcomm in August, it withdrew a $23.4 billion high-price fine and promised to invest $700 million in Taiwan within five years. The Economic Committee of Taiwan's Legislative Yuan invited ministries such as the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Science and Technology to explain how Qualcomm fulfilled its commitments. Huang Meiying, chairman of the fair meeting, said that in the process of consultation between the two sides, great importance was attached to the fulfillment of the commitments; if Qualcomm's promises could not be fulfilled, it would return to the court for litigation. If fair, it would consider that the investment scheme implemented by Qualcomm had not been effective, but Qualcomm thought that it had met the requirements and would be handed over to the commercial arbitration organ.

Huang Meiying said that two inter-ministerial working group meetings have been convened and a management review mechanism has been established. Qualcomm has implemented industrial investment after the reconciliation, including the establishment of Taiwan Operations and Manufacturing Engineering Testing Center (COMET), and announced the establishment of 5G test environment laboratory, multimedia R&D center and action. The center of AI innovation will continue to be supervised.

Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology pointed out that in the inter-ministerial working group meeting, three major requirements had been put forward, and Qualcomm agreed to be included in the study. First of all, industry and school cooperation requires high Qualcomm to be included.“3D sensing technology”Second, we hope that the QITC Taiwan Innovation Competition held by Qualcomm can be combined with the international new base of the Ministry of Science and Technology and invest more in University R&D team. Finally, the COMET set up by Qualcomm is expected to settle in the Hsinchu Science Park. The Ministry should raise the ratio of hiring high technology and R & D talents in Taiwan.

Huang Meiying disclosed that Qualcomm has opened 77 high-level R&D talent vacancies. It is expected to employ 250 people by the end of next year and create thousands of jobs in five years.

Gong Mingxin said that over the past five years, Qualcomm's investment in Taiwan is expected to increase its output value by more than 600 billion yuan and its export of components by about 200 billion yuan. In the long run, if Qualcomm sets up R&D centers or employs talents in Taiwan, the positive benefits for semiconductor, mobile communications and 5G technology development in Taiwan will exceed five. Over the year.

The fair meeting said that in the future, according to the inspection schedule, a working group meeting will be held in principle for half a year to supervise whether Qualcomm has reached its investment commitment.


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