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Under the influence of Sino US trade war, semiconductors encounter headwinds. TI and ST are facing periodic pullback.

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Core technology news, two years of good prospects for the semiconductor industry, this encounter is probably not small. According to The Street, the semiconductor giant Texas Instruments and Italian-French semiconductors have confirmed that part of the chip industry has been facing a cyclical pullback.

Dave Pahl, head of investor relations at Texas Instruments, said they believed the downturn was only a slowdown in the semiconductor market after years of booming growth, although other factors could not be ruled out, but everything would become clearer as the quarter shifted. But Deyi does not deny that demand in most markets has slowed down in the near future, as its fourth-quarter forecast is lower than market expectations.

Jean-Marc Chery, CEO of Italian-French Semiconductor, also reiterated his view on the slowdown in Chinese demand and pointed out that the lead time for Microcontrollers had been much shortened, which would lead to inventory revisions. What terminal markets will be affected? Chery believes that industrial products, white label products and even consumers may be affected.

Occasionally, Wang Hong Chairman Wu Minqiu pointed out in the financial report that, affected by the Sino-US trade war and the economic boom, the performance of the second half of this year was not as good as expected, and the growth rate was smaller than the first half. Yu Chuang chairman Lu Chaoqun also said in the prospects of the Institute of Technology, the need to be cautious about the next two quarters of the semiconductor boom. There are signs that more and more semiconductor business leaders are turning to a conservative industry.

"The Street" analysis, in the past two years, semiconductor has a good growth, but the price is affected by negative news and cycle correction is an indisputable fact, not to mention the industrial decline in the Sino-US trade war tightening when the situation. Faced with the uncertain situation, many investors decided to reduce their investment in order to avoid risks, especially after some companies pointed out that China's chip orders are in a tight state.

In fact, last week TSMC said it was reviewing inventory adjustments in some of its subsidiaries, which could last until the first half of next year. Last month, memory giant plant also mentioned that limited inventory adjustments for specific customers are being viewed. Earlier, microchip technology companies also mentioned concerns about trade wars that affected deals with small hardware manufacturers in mainland China.


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